Greater New York LECET (Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust) is a labor-management partnership between our affiliated LiUNA Laborers’ locals and their signatory contractors. We work together to address issues of mutual interest, so we can continue to secure and grow our market share.

GNY LECET is a one-stop shop for innovative marketing and advertising strategies, government agency relationships, market-related legislation and regulatory initiatives, community and business alliances, and a variety of project and job tracking strategies.

We know our contractors are the most competitive in the industry, completing projects ahead of schedule, under budget, and of the highest quality possible. Our workforce is also highly trained, ensuring safety and efficiency. Our mission is to make sure everyone else knows, too. Our goals are always set toward how best to increase union-sector market share. When labor and management work together, we all win.


John O’Hare
John O’HareChairman – Management Trustee
Mike Hellstrom
Mike HellstromChairman – Labor Trustee
David Bolger
David BolgerLabor Trustee
John Virga
John VirgaManagement Trustee
Mike Prohaska
Mike ProhaskaLabor Trustee
Pawel Gruchacz
Pawel GruchaczLabor Trustee


Paul Drazen
Associate Director Special Projects

Justice Favor
Director of Strategic Partnerships

Karla Mayenbeer Cruz
Assistant Director of Legislation & Policy

Infinite George
Field Representative

Rebecca Lamorte
Legislative & Communications Coordinator

Sandra Moran
Market Share Development Field Representative

Jeff Rae
New Media & Communications

Affiliated Unions

Laborers’ Local 66

Laborers’ Local 66 has more than 1,000 members in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. They are Long Island’s most highly trained, skilled, and dependable construction union laborers.

Laborers’ Local 78

LIUNA Local 78 represents asbestos, lead, and hazardous waste handlers in New York City and Long Island. The Local’s 3,000 members are the hard-working employees of nearly 200 signatory environmental contractors, performing 90% of all asbestos removal in the area.

Laborers’ Local 79

Construction and General Building Laborers’ Local 79 serves the five boroughs of New York City. Local 79 currently has more than 9,000 active and retired members, and is the largest Laborers’ Local in North America.

Laborers’ Local 108

Laborers’ Local 108 represents men and women employed in the scrap metal recycling, light manufacturing, warehouse workers, food service workers, professional employees, security guards, cleaners, race track mutuals, parimutuel and sports book tellers