Business Development

GNY LECET uses state-of-the-art technology to research and track construction projects from design to completion. The information we gather is used to inform signatory contractors of opportunities, investigate and build case files for unscrupulous contractors, and interpret industry trends and market share fluctuations.

We also find it imperative for our affiliated unions and contractors to join together to identify our weaknesses, and improve those issues. This will allow us a means to recover our competitive edge in quickly eroding sectors of the market that, in the not so distant past, were predominantly unionized. Market research and internal analysis tell us that we need to act now for our continued survival in an increasingly competitive field. As the centerpiece of our business development strategy, we’re embarking on a joint labor/management working group, with a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) as our first order of business.

Identifying our Strengths

In order to market and promote the best information to our contractors’ customers (clients and developers), we must identify the strengths across our entire spectrum of focus.

Identifying our Opportunities

Our contractors and local unions are affected by the realities of the economy and the industry as a whole. It is our duty to continue working together so that, from these threats, we can find opportunities to benefit our contractors and unions.

Identifying our Weaknesses

It’s important to study what has led us to where we are, both individually and collectively with our affiliates, so we can continuously improve our various efforts with our contractors.

Identifying Threats

It’s well known that price and economic issues are stressing our unions and industries to the brink. In examining these threats, together we can identify viable alternatives for our union workers/contractors.

Industry Promotion

In promoting the accomplishments of the unions and signatory contractors, GNY LECET works to increase awareness among the public, and members of the industry. We employ the full range of communications, including publication of the award-winning Under One Banner magazine, and the metropolitan-wide “Built Better/Built Safer/Built Union” banner campaign.

We also market the work of our membership by placing advertisements in industry trade publications; creating flyers, brochures, and informational materials distributed to local politicians and government agencies, potential signatory contractors and members, and other construction trade organizations; visiting jobsites; participating in industry trade shows; and conducting press conferences and communicating with local media. We consistently generate innovative ways to market our highly skilled, trained workforce, to increase in the union’s market share, and create a competitive advantage for signatory contractors.