Union Supports Council Member Moya’s Call For Freeze On Neighborhood Rezonings Until Critical Concerns With Process Are Addressed

New York, NYFollowing today’s vote in favor of the Inwood rezoning, the City’s latest deeply flawed neighborhood rezoning that disregarded the needs and concerns of construction workers, GNY LECET’s Executive Director Patrick Purcell issued the following statement:

“Today’s approval of the Inwood rezoning was an affront to Democracy and an embarrassment for the City of New York. The process now being used to approve these re-zonings is built on lying to stake holders, spreading misinformation, delaying tactics, unnecessary and dramatic middle of the night negotiations and politically self-serving results. A system that was created by this administration and now supported by far too many New York City Council Members. A system that benefits wealthy developers and politically ambitious elected officials rather than the residents of this City.

Additionally, the current land use committee merely exist to rubber stamp the results of the administrations divisive tactics approved by a single Council member worried about their next job rather than their own communities’ future. Its role in the re-zonings is reaching the point of irrelevance.

We support Council Member Moya’s courageous call to freeze future re-zonings until this fraudulent process can be reviewed by individuals whose sole purpose is to serve the residents of New York City.  New York City is better than this and so are the its elected representatives. More importantly, they deserve better.”